Friday, May 2, 2014

Beautiful Brown Bride - Spotlight Wedding Photography - Carlyn Photography

Based in Jackson MS, Carlyn Photography is a boutique wedding photography company that has been committed to weddings for the past five years. With multiple publications, they stand out as leaders in the south heastern regional wedding photography industry.  Primarily natural light photography, they are best described as having a holistic, classic, fun and sexy way of shooting brides, grooms and couples in love.

Their back-story: “We choose to focus primarily on weddings because we never want anyone to go without beautiful wedding photography as we never got our wedding photos. This is our way of providing our love to others to enjoy for the rest of their lives and their families' lives. We truly enjoy weddings and are blessed to be apart. After each wedding, we learn a little more  about our eternal commitment to one another as a married couple.” In the next few years they hope to expand their  commitment further. “We hope to expand globally. On our list of places to shoot is South Africa, the West Indies and maybe even Russia.”
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  1. Great! Thanks a lot for sharing the information related to the photographer because my best friend is getting married in one of the finest wedding venues by the end of this year and I really want everything to be perfect at her wedding day. She has always wanted a photographer like this.